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Growing together

At REM Capital, we’re passionate multifamily investment professionals committed to the dual purpose of creating safe, reliable communities for our residents and building generational wealth for our investment partners. By combining the right people with the right deal, we’re adding value through physical renovations and efficient management to construct a multifamily portfolio with consistent cash flow and strong downside protection.

REM’s Roadmap

We put in the leg work in order to simplify the process for you.
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Offering Memorandum
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Investor Commitment
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Private Placement Memorandum
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Execute Subscription
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Wire Funds
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Close on Property
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Monthly Property Updates
Here are a few investors from our community to share their experiences. People just like you that are looking to secure their future one decision at a time.

We only had one shot to get that ‘off market deal’ to a buyer that would close. Thank goodness we chose REM. You closed! Thanks again!

The site visit was wonderful for me. To actually see the property and team. They’re executing the plan!

I felt very well educated in the market, the team, and the deal. Over several interactions and over multiple deals I felt very comfortable.

In the stock market I would dip 20% and my financial advisor would say “If you want to make money you have to risk money!” I was tired of hearing that and with multifamily I have less worries about that.

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Ken Silvestri
Silvestri & Co
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Agnes Wong
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Colin Duffield
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David Iglewicz

Start investing with us

We’d love to share new offerings with you and begin a conversation about partnering with REM Capital.
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Our Communication Advantage

We strive to provide best in class communication to keep you informed regarding property performance and macroeconomic trends that may affect your investment
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Video Tours

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Onsite Visits

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Super-market Updates

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Thought Leadership

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Quarterly Fin. Reporting

Invest with us

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