Month: April 2023

25 Apr 2023

New Construction Starts Down Spell OPPORTUNITY

An aerial view of a building with palm trees.
Hope all is well and trust you had a nice weekend! I'm writing you from the hospital - not the usual locale - as we wait for little Lidia Grace to arrive. We've been very appreciative of the many prayers and thoughts. Thank you so much! Healthwise both mommy and ...Read More
18 Apr 2023

Asking Rents Are 6-12 Months Ahead of Inflation

A man in a suit and tie sitting at a table with some houses on top of stacks of coins.
Welcome back and happy Tuesday. If you didn't know - today is also tax day! Such fun. We are fortunate enough to get the last of our K-1s out the door this morning. Tax season never seems to be an easy one. 2022 was the last year of 100% bonus ...Read More