Month: June 2023

27 Jun 2023

Onsite Focus – Midwest Portfolio

A neon sign that says idwes on the side of a brick wall.
Happy Tuesday! It's the last week of the first half of 2023. Are you glad it's over? Did you make the most of it? Interesting to think how quickly time passes once you're looking at it in the rearview mirror. I won't have the June financials for a couple more ...Read More
21 Jun 2023

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

A tree with money falling down on it
For all you dads out there, happy belated Fathers Day. I hope you had a great weekend! In the spirit of corny dad jokes, I had to post the one above. I thought it was pretty clever - especially since a money tree would come in handy about now. Yesterday ...Read More
13 Jun 2023

NAA Apartmentalize Was Awesome

A microphone is in front of a room with people.
Happy Tuesday and welcome back! I trust you had a great weekend doing something rejuvenating! I don't say relaxing because sometimes working my tail off in the yard can be very relaxing and rejuvenating all at the same time. I was feeling very thankful last Friday after getting home from ...Read More
06 Jun 2023


A person flying in the air with an umbrella.
Hope you had a great weekend and welcome back! Lots in store for today but the big event around here is the groundbreaking for our St Pete Portfolio development happening this morning! Always a fun day. I'm incredibly honored and blessed to be building 220 units of Class-A space in ...Read More